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Whole House Fan Technical Information

Colorado Home Cooling is proud to sell and install the finest whole house fans available in the United States. We feature both traditional Whole House Fans by Triangle Engineering and ducted fan systems by QuietCool. The goal for our fan systems is to create a signficant breeze throughout your home, and provide a complete air exchange in under 3 minutes.

The products that we carry are only available through authorized dealers and are not available in retail stores.

Triangle fans are commercial-grade quality with heavy duty steel construction and welded fittings. Each fan has a 10 year warranty and each motor has a one year warranty. Our systems are whisper quiet and very solid. CHC 's install team builds a custom framework to suit your home, and every extra step is taken to ensure that our systems operate with the minimum amount of noise. The premium ceiling shutters are a finished, heavy duty white aluminum with felt strips that keep the shutter sealed when the fan is not in use. Covers for fans are also available for additional insulation in the winter time.

QuietCool ducted fans are the newest configuration for the tried-and-true whole house fan principle. By locating the fans higher in the attic, QC fans provide a different sound experience and a smaller grille in the ceiling. QC fans provide an insulation rating of R5 when not in use, and their Pro lines can be fitted with an optional R40 insert for the winter months. QuietCool fans are covered by 10 and 15 year warranties.

Which system is right for your home? Call us to discuss the size and configuration of your home and your cooling needs.
We will provide the best options for your home at a fair and honest price. Please see below for technical specs for the most common fans that we sell, and know that we have other fan options to meet your specific needs.

Traditional Triangle Whole House Fan Technical Information

Model / Blade Size
(diameter) & Horsepower
Ceiling Shutter
Dimensions (Inches - OD)
Airflow in Cubic Feet
per Minute at sea level

Blade RPM
(High / Low)

on High

Max Amps
30 inch with 1/3 HP Motor
32 x 32
7,600 High / 5,100 Low
455 / 305
36 inch with 1/3 HP Motor
38 x 38
9,700 High / 6,400 Low
420 / 280
42 inch with 1/2 HP Motor
44 x 44
12,600 High / 8,400 Low
410 / 270
QuietCool Whole House Fan Technical Information
Ceiling Grille
Dimensions (Inches - OD)
Airflow in Cubic Feet
per Minute at sea level
Max Amps
QC Trident Pro 1.5X
16 x 16
1498 - 1 speed only
QC Trident Pro 2.5X
16 x 20
2490 High / 1934 Low
254 High / 196 Low
QC Trident Pro 3.3X
16 x 24
3216 High / 2890 Low
318 High / 258 Low
QC Trident Pro 4.8X
16 x 32
4428 High / 3436 Low
673 High / 494 Low
QC Trident Pro 5.5X
16 x 32
5068 High / 4438 Low
778 High / 512 Low
QC Trident Pro 6.0X
16 x 38
5798 High / 4319 Low
777 High / 560 Low
QC Trident Pro 6.5
(2 Fans)
16 x 38
6502 High / 5274 Med High
3476 Med Low / 2976 Low
632 High / 590 Med High
309 Med Low / 271 Low
5.2 per fan
QC Trident Pro 7.0X
16 x 38
7015 High / 5548 Low
1147 High / 797 Low
All information above provided by manufacturers and is subject to change.