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Whole House Fan Systems by Colorado Home Cooling


Triangle Whole House Fan

A Whole House Fan is the most efficient home cooling
system because it provides cooling in three ways:

1 - Creates a cooling breeze through the home

2 - Pushes super-heated air (150 degrees F) out of the attic

3 - Pulls hot, stale air out of the home while pulling in
fresh air through windows and doors.

CHC has installed every type of whole house fan on the market and specializes in the installation of Triangle and QuietCool Fans. These industry-leading fans will make the greatest difference in your home.

See these videos for more information on these fan systems.

qc trident

QuietCool Whole House Fan

Because of these many benefits, Whole House Fans are recommended by
the American Medical Association,
the Department of Energy,
and the Environmental Protection Agency

See this video from QC regarding indoor air quality.

Whole House Fans can solve these common problems in your home!

* It's constantly hot upstairs in summer: This is the most common issue we hear prior to installing a whole house fan system. Typically, the rooms directly below the attic space in the home are the hottest and the lower floors are the coolest. Since cold air sinks and hot air rises, cold air from upstairs naturally wants to sink to the lowest level in the home and the hottest air rises to the highest levels. Installing a whole house fan is the most effective way to combat and solve this problem. The airflow created by the fan system works to equalize the temperature across the different floors in the home (basement to living floors). Cooler air in the lower parts of the home will be brought up to the hottest areas of the home. And just as significantly, the heat trapped in the attic (which radiates into the home) is forced out and replaced with cooler air.

* It's cool outside but still hot inside: Your home and attic store the heat collected throughout the day in both hot air and the home's thermal mass. When the fan runs, it pulls heat out of the living space and exhausts it directly outside. When the fan is used in the evening, the heat stored as thermal mass is evacuated so that you're starting the next morning with a cool home.

* A/C is very expensive to run: The operating cost for a Whole House Fan (WHF) is a fraction of the costs of running air conditioning. Generally, our systems cost around $0.07 / hour to run vs. $1-$2 per hour to run AC. Many of our customers save hundreds of dollars per month when they switch to using a Whole House Fan as their primary home cooling system. Many of our customers tell us that once they have a fan they stop using A/C all together, which saves them huge amounts of money from April to October.

* Noisy cooling systems: We use the highest quality products available, so our fans are the quietest available anywhere. When our customers have heard a fan from a big box store in the past they are always surprised and very pleased with how our fans sound. We take a lot of extra steps in the installation to keep them extremely quiet. Generally speaking, you can stand directly underneath our installed fan and have a conversation in a normal speaking voice when the fan is running on high speed. When the fan is running on low you can whisper underneath it and have a conversation.

* Poor Indoor Air quality: Whole house fans improve indoor air quality in the home. Typically, the air in the home is much worse than the air quality outdoors. When the fan is running, it pulls stale air out of the home and replaces it with fresh outside air. Also, many of our customers use the whole house fan to evacuate smells or smoke from cooking.

We have installed thousands of fans in Colorado, and have proven to homeowners across the Front Range
that their homes can be both energy-efficient and comfortable all summer long.

Contact us and let our experts diagnose your home cooling needs to maximize your comfort and energy savings!

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Our Whole House Fan systems provide both the most efficient and quietest means for cooling homes in Colorado. This cooling process begins with this large exhaust fan pulling cooler outside air and/or basement air through the living quarters, continuing up past the shutter and into the attic where existing hot air and radiating heat are then flushed out through the roof ventilation. When the system is turned off the Dayton ceiling shutter automatically closes and conceals the fan unit from view. This system costs a fraction of the expense of running either an air conditioner or a swamp cooler, in addition to being much less expensive for installation.

These efficient and affordable Triangle Engineering fan can cost as little as 7 cents per hour to operate depending on your location. In addition, the fan only needs to run a few hours a day in the summer to cool the entire home and allow for a great night’s sleep. Hot, stagnant air can easily be replaced with a cooling breeze, and this happens the moment the fan is turned on.

Colorado Home Cooling uses the highest grade materials and goes to great lengths in the installation process, achieving the quietest operation available. This business has the most-experienced fan installation crew in Colorado, with thousands of fans installed in Denver and surrounding areas. We specialize in household fans / whole house fan sales, installation and repair. A whole house fan is sometimes referred to as an attic fan or a ceiling fan, but there are important differences in these three different types. Contact us to ask about those differences. Click on the link entitled See How The Fan Works above to review a graphic depiction of how our whole house fans stand out from all other home cooling options.

Colorado Home Cooling uses the highest grade materials and goes to great lengths in the installation process, making your home the most efficient it can be. Contact us to ask about the differences that make our business stand above the rest.

Colorado Home Cooling performs installations in Denver, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Broomfield, Aurora, Arvada, Westminster, Castle Rock, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Golden, Longmont, Littleton, Larkspur, Erie, Henderson, Monument, Greenwood Village, Lafayette, Lakewood, Englewood, Thornton, Windsor, Castle Pines, Commerce City, Louisville, Superior, Erie, Morrison, Niwot, Loveland, Wheatridge, Franktown, Firestone, Windsor, Greeley, Bennett, Bow Mar, Brighton, Edgewater, Elizabeth, Federal Heights, Foxfield, Glendale, Lakeside, Lone Tree, Mountain view, Northglenn, Palmer lake, Pueblo, Sheridan and many other towns. Contact us to see if we can install a fan where you live!